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Portrait photography, is a joint personal statement of the photographed side and the photographing side. Together they capture the essence of the person who is standing in front of the camera and tell the spectator a story about who they are.
Just to understand how important a portrait is, just think about the first impression you got when you were looking for a professional or a person on social media and saw their picture for the first time.Whoever contacts us for the first time and takes the same look at us, concludes in an instant if we look professional, confident and if we can be trusted.

To me as a photographer, successful portrait photography depends on good chemistry between me and my subjects.

Portrait photography can be done in a studio, office, at home or in an outdoor environment.
It's all a matter of preference and the type of statement you want to make.

For me as a photographer, successful portrait photography depends on successful chemistry between me and my subject.
The connection between us, even if it is short, is what leads to the perception of the moment that will serve you for a long time as the one you want to present to the world.

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